Starting Out and Starting Over

Who am I? Why am I deciding to write this now? Well, let me tell you…

My name is Thomas. Yes, Doubting Thomas. I’ve been walking this road for 15 years, but finally, something just…snapped. I broke. Somewhere in me, all the things that I had worked on just stopped mattering.

Full disclosure: I have clinical depression. I have seen counselors. I have tried things outside of antidrpressants. I have done lots of things to help “lift” the fog that mentally occurs due to my depression, but I have slowly realized that it is a major part of how I function and see things.

This blog is more of my musings, my feelings, and views on issues as someone who was an atheist until 18, baptized, lived as a Christian until 33, and is now wondering what to do with himself.

I hope you enjoy and find a place here.Unknown